• This aromatic body scrub helps to improve circulation, lymphatic drainage and eliminates toxins accumulated in your skin. It is packed with ingredients carefully chosen like coffee powder, green tea, juniper berry, ginger and rosemary which have high antioxidant and diuretic effect on the skin leaving it firm and silky soft. 

    The herbal scent is so INVIGORATING that it will boost your energy for the day.

    Coffee & Green tea antioxidant body scrub 120ml or 250ml

    • Exciting? Now, enjoy coffee, lemongrass and a herbal aroma in your home SPA. Massage for at least one minute into the wet skin of the body, paying particular attention to your thighs, buttocks and belly. Reapeat the ritual 2-3 time a week for great effects.


      For best results on your skin, first dry brush the entire body before using the scrub.



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