GUA SHA video

February 1, 2019

Sorry it took so long for me to find inner courage to put myself in front of the camera

and record my Gua Sha routine..


..but here it is :-)





I am using Gua Sha face massage as my nearly every day bedtime routine as there are so many benefits behind it:

  1. Enhances absorption of your face oil, serum or moisturiser

  2. Improves blood circulation in the skin, brightens the complexion

  3. Helps with dark circles under the eyes as well as the 'bags'

  4. Clarifies the skin from toxins, improves acne

  5. Relaxes tensed muscles and helps to smooth fine wrinkles

  6. Your cheek bones will look more defined and it will contour your jaw

  7. It will raise the eyebrows, release the worry and give you natural face lift

This won't happen overnight but after regular use you will be surprised with the effect!


For the whole description of the technique CLICK HERE.




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